Register for Kingdom Kids/Young Pioneers (4 1/2-6 yrs)

ALL CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY FULL; HOWEVER, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS & SELECT THE “WAITLIST” OPTION FOR YOUR PREFERRED CLASS(ES). Please do NOT pay the registration fee until you are notified that your child has a confirmed place in class.

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I hereby solely and expressly assume liability for all risks and waive any claim I might have against Amy Sachs or individuals acting in the capacity as agents of the organization (staff members, independent contractors, volunteers, etc.). I assume full legal liability for my child’s actions in class and release Amy Sachs and agents acting on behalf of Amy Sachs from any claims made as a result of my actions. This release shall be effective and binding upon the parties, as well as their heirs, beneficiaries, assigns, successors and legal representatives. By checking the box, I acknowledge having read and understood this release. *
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