The Story of Us Fall 2019

The Story of Us: Exploring the Human Body This Tuesday course will be an introduction to anatomy and physiology. Join us as we explore, in depth, each fascinating body system, how each works, and why it matters! This exciting course will investigate with weekly experiments, labs, hands-on projects, and physical education. This course meets many california NGSS guidelines.

Semester cost: $500 Lab fee: $40 ~Charter funds accepted.

The Story of Us: Around the World  During this Thursday course, we will travel the seven continents; explore world geography, history, civilizations, and science; and investigate current events and important people. Each destination comes to life with award-winning novels and critical thinking exercises. This course meets many California state standards. Light weekly reading and light homework will be recommended at home.

Semester cost: $500 Book fee: $15 ~Charter funds accepted.

8/19/19 - 12/12/19 (15 weeks) Click here to view Fall 2019 Calendar.

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